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Welcome My Dear Friend!

My project MP ESP RESEARCH which I set up in July 2013 for one part of my PhD Dissertation in Psychology whereby I specialised in Extrasensory Perception has finished and I am very grateful to have been able to work with wonderful people who supported my Research to make it such a success.

I graduated in June 2014 and since then I am re-analysing and rewriting my gathered data and writing material of those five years for my upcoming Books. The content and findings of my PhD Dissertation, my Preliminary Researches and Case Studies, my general study of the field, further research and new future facts and ideas form the basis of my Book Project. The results of my pioneering work will be published later than planned due to extended Research Ideas.

I updated my website so you will no longer find information on my Qualitative Research yet in my Introduction you can read about me and what led to my PhD and this Book Project. You can also take a look at my Scientific Work since 1987.

I have published some Former Scientific Papers in Free PDF Distribution for individual download or see my Project MP BOOK PUBLISHING where you can download it compiled:

with all 13 abovementioned Research Papers in book form
my Doctoral Dissertation of 1994 on Film Science (Silent Movies)

MP ESP RESEARCH is independent and a ‘subsidiary’ of MP ONEONONE. For more information on me you can click on my photo above to read my Personal Background or next to it the ‘Advanced Learning & Skills’ link for an overview of all my Education or push the left buttons on top of this page.

In case you have any questions you can contact me!